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Owensboro's Own is locally created podcast that will feature business people, musicians, and some fun people from the athletic world.
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Dec 30, 2015

Welcome to Episode 18 of Owensboro’s Own, this week features Amy Payne from Amy’s Fit Island Studio. We talk about where she started training, what got her into fitness, and we even talk about the stability of our Mall. This weekend January 2nd you should check out her Grand Opening from 8-5 at her location in our Mall.



Dec 23, 2015

Merry Christmas Owensboro! My gift to you is episode 17 of Owensboro’s Own that features Will Mayfield who is about to move half-way around the world for his job to Singapore. He graduated from Owensboro Catholic, earned his Masters from The University of Norte Dame, and has even met one of Chicago’s most famous citizens.

Dec 16, 2015

This is the definitive interview with the two main people behind one of Owensboro’s greatest attractions. Episode 16 features Jeff and Tyler Lashbrook talking about being on The Great Christmas Light Fight, where they store the lights, and plans for next year display. Come check out the lights and Santa this weekend during Christmas in Stonegate. 


Dec 9, 2015

Today I have a wonderful guest on Owensboro’s Own from 102.7 The Game ESPN Owensboro, Kevin Porter. We had a blast talking about a lot of fun things like where he grew up, the Kentucky Mavericks, what happens on the radio during a nation crisis. So before you get to cold grab your phone, some hot coco, and sit next to a fire to listen to Episode 15 featuring Kevin Porter.



Dec 2, 2015

Episode 14 of Owensboro’s Own Podcast features Ashley Proctor from In His Image. She is a professional photographer and we talk about why she decided start her own business. We also talk about Girl Meets World, what events she loves to photograph, and why she won’t over Photoshop someone picture. So come check out Owensboro’s Own Ashley Proctor, you will love this guest.



25 Fine Facts About Kentucky

Nov 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wanted to remind my listeners that Saturday is the day to shop small local businesses. My guest for this MiniShow is Steven Riley from Riley’s Soda. Please go out and support your local businesses this weekend. 

Nov 18, 2015

If you love music and local talent then this week you are in for treat, my guest on episode 12 is Andy Brasher. We talk about what got him started, his writing process, and he even plays one of his unrealized songs. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Owensboro’s Own.


Nov 11, 2015

This week's episode of Owensboro’s Own features the Kelly Anne Harris Team. For the past year Kelly has assembled an amazing team of professional realtors to tackle the housing market in the city of Owensboro. We talk about the benefits of buying from a team of people, what technology she unitizes every day, and some background information on the team. Her team consists of Jim DeMaio, Robbie Thompson, Ashley Bellar, Kelsey Jarboe and Bradley Teague.

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Nov 4, 2015

This weeks episode is a pretty unique show since both Dallas and Jennifer are separate business owners. Dallas is the owner and operator of Mighty Clean Carpet Cleaners of Owensboro and his wife Jennifer is the owner and operator of Owensboro Pet Sitting. We touch on some pretty fun subjects like sugar gliders and unique experiences Jennifer has had pet sitting for her clients.

Owensboro Pet Sitting

Contact Jennifer at 270-275-1165

Mighty Clean Carpet Cleaners

Contact Dallas at 270-315-5870

Oct 28, 2015

My guest this week is Nick Gray who is both a salesman and radio DJ. Being the son of parents that wrote jingles for local business, he grew up in the entertainment business. We have blast talking about nicknames, what it's like being a child of a church musician, and his thoughts about the future of radio. 



Oct 21, 2015

This week David Wolfe from Haunts of Owensboro stops in to talk about the ghost of Owensboro, David’s personal experience, and even Abraham Lincoln. So be sure to keep the lights on because this episode might cause you to lose some sleep.

Call 270-313-5096 if you would like any further information. 

Oct 19, 2015

I wanted to release this teaser because Tuesday Oct. 20 there is a special event going on at the Campbell Club with Wednesday's guest David Wolfe from Owensboro Haunts.

If you are interested in taking part in the special event then call 270-684-4249 to make reservations.

Oct 14, 2015

Episode 7 of Owensboro’s Own Podcast features Matt Weafer from the Campbell Club. If you love good food, good atmosphere and a ghost story or two, then you will love this week’s show. Matt is the Executive Chef and is reintroducing private dining back to Owensboro.


Oct 7, 2015

Steven Riley is the owner of Riley's All Natural Soda. He is recreating the experience of drinking sodas with new soda parlor. Riley's Soda is more than a soda it's a treat and Episode 6 of Owensboro's Own will explain why. Steven and I get into some fun topics like Al Capone, why he started his soda parlor, and what happens when you drive a Corvette in the rain. 


Sep 30, 2015

Evansville Podcast host Jason Burton is the guest this week on Owensboro’s Own. We have a great time talking about podcasting in general, beards, and our town. Jason helped me create Owensboro’s Own so if you enjoy this episode check out his podcast Evansville Podcast.

Sep 23, 2015

Bill Mayfield is the Owner of Hidden Samurai Martial Arts and is returning for Episode 4 of Owensboro's Own. We continue right where we left off last week with his return to Owensboro, then we talk about his son Austin and the UFC. 

Hidden Samurai Facebook Link

Hidden Samurai Website

Phone Number for Hidden Samurai - (270)925-2688




Sep 16, 2015

Bill Mayfield is the Owner of Hidden Samurai Martial Arts and is the guest in Episode 3 of Owensboro's Own. In Part 1 of his interview we talk his history in the Air Force and why he started training in Martial Arts. Part 2 will be arriving 9/23.


 Hidden Samurai Website

Sep 9, 2015

Nikole Gross is the Owner of The Creme Coffee House in downtown Owensboro and the second guest on Owensboro's Own. With the motto, "Share the Love" Nikole has built an amazing team of baristas that add their own personal flavor to coffee that is made here in Kentucky. She has made it her goal to provide a place for teens and their family by having live music and local artwork.

Sep 2, 2015

Maria Kelly is the owner of Nona's Downtown Market and the first guest on Owensboro's Own Podcast. She has built an amazing business focusing on local talent and entrepreneurs. Maria takes pride in helping the Citizens of Owensboro to make their dreams come true. From brooms to barbecue, Nona's Downtown Market has a little something for everyone.'s Downtown Market Website

Aug 22, 2015

This is a prequel to the first episode of Owensboro's Own podcast. Here is a little taste of whats to come on September 2nd.